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Regulatory Compliance

Our Approach

We Don't Bend the Rules About Regulatory Compliance

Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes must be managed properly. Environmental firms that bend the rules create significant risks for themselves and their customers.

Heritage-Crystal Clean takes great pride in doing things right. We take compliance seriously and we intend to achieve an exceptional compliance record through careful diligence from our trained, professional employees and the various programs we have instituted to manage the collection, transportation and disposal of your used solvent products and wastes.

The Complete Package

We ensure regulatory compliance through these benefits and features:

  • Good People: Our employees can answer all your compliance inquiries and successfully complete various safety training programs.
  • Financial Responsibility: We maintain insurance coverage for various contingencies in amounts in excess of the limits required by law.
  • Sound Business: HCC is making continuing investments in new vehicles, new branches and new services and products..
  • Regularly Scheduled Service: We show up when we promise. This reduces the volume of waste that our customers have onsite.
  • Administrative Excellence: We provide preprinted, prepared forms for your review and signature and feature a centralized tracking system.
  • Technical Competence: HCC employs trained professionals who are experts in profiling and sampling your waste products.

Reuse & Non-Hazardous Programs

The “Better Way” of Disposal

Our hallmark service, Parts Cleaning, is based on the awareness that our customers need to clean dirty parts but don’t wish to produce hazardous waste. To address this, we created the HCC Reuse and Non-Hazardous programs:

CRYSTAL CLEAN’s Non-Hazardous Program provides our customers with Premium high flashpoint, low odor mineral spirits and removal & management of the used mineral spirits as non-hazardous waste.

Thousands of customers have switched to the HCC Parts Cleaning Service and are enjoying not only the cost savings, but reduced paperwork, a safer workplace and greater concern for the environment.

Why not join them?

We provide top quality, premium solvent on our regular, scheduled visits and remove the used solvent as a product — not a waste — to be used as an ingredient in a manufacturing process. This unique approach provides substantial benefits for our customers over the old method of waste disposal:

The HCC Reuse Program reduces the amount of hazardous waste generated, thereby reducing manifesting and other regulatory reporting requirements.

The HCC Reuse Program results in true waste minimization as encouraged by the Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental groups.

More than 30 state environmental agencies have agreed in writing that the HCC Reuse Program is a correct and environmentally sound method of managing used solvent.

In fact, we’re so good at it, that we’ve boiled it down to 10 easy steps!

  • Premium solvents are delivered to your location.
  • As needed, a sample of your used solvent is submitted to an analytical laboratory.
  • The sample is evaluated for the HCC Reuse Program.
  • You review and sign off on prepared paperwork.
  • An experienced HCC service rep collects the used solvent and transports it in a fully licensed HCC service truck.
  • The product is transported to the nearest HCC branch location.
  • The product is shipped to one of HCC’s regional bulking facilities.
  • The product is again tested to verify that it meets the end user’s specifications.
  • The product is delivered and used as a manufacturing ingredient.
  • HCC maintains detailed records of each transaction.

Crystal Clean Premium 142+ Mineral Spirits

Crystal Clean 106+ Mineral Spirits

Crystal Cat 947 (Spill Kit)

Mirachem 500 Cleaner / Degreaser (Aqueous Parts Cleaner)

Mirachem M2750 Cleaner / Degreaser

Mirachem Alkaline Cabinet Wash

Mirachem Alkaline Cabinet Wash HD

Paint Gun Cleaner

S-6032A Superior Immersion Cleaner

S-2072 Solvent Blend

Base Oil – HCC 80

Base Oil – HCC 150

Additional Information About SDS

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) requires chemical manufacturers, distributors, and importers to evaluate the hazards of the chemicals they produce or import and provide information to subsequent users. The current standard requires all employers to have a hazard communication program for workers exposed to hazardous chemicals. The program includes materials such as container labels, safety data sheets, and employee training.